Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sex Position Secrets: The Best Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure

Everybody says that changing sex positions is good, that knowing your different options will make your sex life exciting and so on, but why, how, and what advantages does it actually give a couple? One thing trying new sex positions is not about is sexual acrobatics, which few people are interested in  What many couples are interested in, though, is making sex more fun and pleasurable. 

Sex Position Secrets: The Best Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure reveals how changing positions can make sex more stimulating – or less in order to last longer. It also explains how sex positions can provide different sensations and affect the emotions. This book covers everything couples need to know about the best positions for maximum pleasure.

Here are just a FEW of the things you will learn:
  • If you think hand jobs are ho-hum, how changing your position may change your mind.
  • How to spice up blow jobs simply by changing position.
  • Lack of clitoral stimulation is the main reason that women don’t have orgasms through intercourse, but certain sex positions provide plenty of clitoral stimulation.
  • Never had a G-spot orgasm? You may need to try a different position.
  • What sex positions are best for your penis size?
  • Too quick on the trigger? A change of position can help with that
  • Morning sex? Sure, why not? Find out the best positions.
  • Sex in the shower can be good, clean fun in the right sex position.
  • Which position is best for a quickie?
  • If you like to take it deep, some positions work better than others.
  • Many women are self-conscious about their bodies, but five sex positions actually flatter a woman’s body.
  • Missionary position is great for comfort and intimacy, but sometimes not so great for female orgasm. Discover five ways to fix that.
  • Men love doggy style, but some women – not so much. Find out how to make it a female favorite.
  • Which anal sex positions are best for beginners
  • Can anal sex also be intimate? You bet – in the right position.
.… And MUCH more!

With this short but very detailed guide, you are going to be able to please your partner tonight (and every other night) and skyrocket your lovemaking skills. You and your partner are going to start to have a better sex life immediately after you read this book!

Sex Position Secrets: The Best Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure is published by Lulu and is available for immediate download in ePub format, which most e-readers use. If you don’t have n e-reader, you can download and install the free Adobe Digital Editions reader to read it on your computer.

Maybe best of all, Sex Position Secrets is available at a price anyone can afford – $4.99. Even if you only learn a few sex position secrets you didn’t already know, it’s worth that much. To give your lover the best sex they’ve ever had, starting tonight, click here!